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AFTV v.1 is now available.
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Advanced Fault Tree Viewer (AFTV)

AFTV is a free fault tree viewer that works on fault tree files exported from CAFTA. Anybody who needs to share, view, or review CAFTA fault trees should benefit from AFTV since they can do just that without having to install or learn CAFTA.
AFTV is the perfect tool to share along with your CAFTA files, for instance to support a fault tree review or make a safety presentation of your models to other engineers, reviewers, managers, or customers. There is simply no more reason to flip through the pages of a fault tree printout, making this tedious exercise a thing of the past while improving the communication, diffusion, and review of your models.

Key Benefits:

Everybody can now view your CAFTA models
No more printout and page flipping to review a fault tree
Advanced fault tree search capabilities
Fault tree colorization / selection
Easy reporting into Microsoft Excel
Facilitate communication to improve Safety
Simple to use, easy to learn
Great, smooth viewing experience no matter how big the model is

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz Pentium 3 Processor or Equivalent
Hard Drive: 5 MB available
RAM: 512 MB
Video: Hardware Acceleration with OpenGL support
Input: Keyboard and Wheel Mouse

Advanced Fault Tree Editing and Reporting (AFTER)

AFTER is based on AFTV but provides additional functions for fault tree editing, computation, simplification, and more. AFTER will have all the functions required to generate complete fault tree design, analysis and reporting.